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Eye Wear

Will the user be wearing other items of PPE which may affect the fit of the eyewear?

e.g. respirators or hearing protection.

Will the user be working in a warm environment where the lenses will mist up quickly?
You may want to consider a different ventilation system or a coated anti-mist lens.

  • A good fit is essential if the full protection potential of the eyewear is to be achieved.
  • Comfort is important if the user is going to be wearing the eyewear for long periods.

The wearing of eye and face protection in hazardous areas is a requirement under regulation 4 of the PPE at Work Regulations 1992.There are a number of different products for eye and face protection. Whilst every effort should be made to remove the hazards as the result of a Workplace Risk Assessment, if safety eyewear is necessary, the following selection criteria should be considered:

European Standards for Eye Protection- EN166


Various shades of lenses are available for specialised industries such as foundries, glass working and welding.

Different lens shades can also enhance visions for tasks such as inspection – for specialised applications please contact us on 0800 122 33 23

Safety Prescription Eyewear

Where the need for eye protection has been identified in the workplace, legislation requires the employer to provide safety eyewear for all employees, including those who wear prescription spectacles.

A quality range of prescription safety glasses designed to meet the requirements of todays workforce. Choice of lens material, tempered mineral, CR39 anti scratch polymer or polycarbonate. Available extras include, anti reflective coatings, tints, photochromic lenses and lens thinning.

Choosing the most appropriate lens material:

CR39 Plastic
Extremely lightweight, impact resistant to EN166-S., Good chemical resistance, resistant to hot metal particulates.

Extremely lightweight, thinner lenses, impact resistant to EN166-F. Hard coating gives higher scratch resistance, absorbs UV light.

Toughened Glass
Impact resistant to EN166-S. Heavier to wear than most other lens types, often marginally greater resistance to abrasion (not always suitable for all frame styles).